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Teching along apace, here,
we are now starting to post an MP3 or two from each musical product on the Product Page; but we'll gather them here together in our own micro-Napster as well, for your bootlegging convenience...
If there is something not available for sale, like you heard it live, and we might have a tape of it, and you'd like to hear it here, .

Click here to hear POPCORN Click here to hear FILL YOUR GLASSES Click here to hear HULA LOU
Click here to hear HACKER'S BALL Click here to hear ROSE OF SAN ANTONE

"Two Joints" Live at the Blissfest, 1999!
Video Production by George Meredith


For those of you who are even less nerdy than I am, here is


(sort of...) You click on the icon for the song. All right, you probably have an MP3 player application in your computer as part of Windows. It will probably pop up on your screen automatically when you click on "Popcorn," and start downloading the song. Now, at least sometimes, it will also begin playing the song as it downloads. And unless you have a DSL or somesuch connection to the Internet, pretty quickly the player will catch up to the download and STOP---while it waits for some more to download. Likely there is a control on your MP3 application that will stop the play without stopping the download, if you want it to cut that out! The download could take as long as 10 minutes, depending upon your connection speed. (You can probably be looking at other things online while the download proceeds). When the download is complete, the file will have been stored...somewhere...on your computer. Some MP3 aps have a "library" built in, and they will store "Popcorn" there and list it by name; you can click on it and play it anytime. [Another possible default download location is "My Music," which I think is under "My Documents." If this fails, click on your Windows 95 "Start" button---we are all using Windows 95 by now, aren't we?---and then "Find," "Files and Folders," and you can search for the song by name]. Is this is not wordy enough for you, if I can be of further assistance.


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