The Fiddler offers a plethora of musical product from his long recording career!

Product Ordering Options

Orders are accepted in person, by phone
(518) 993-4248, , and mail mail.

Mail Order Instructions:
Click Here.  A pop-up window will open, showing the order form.  At the top of that window, click File/Print to print out the order form.

Payment is accepted in cash, check, money order --- and credit card by way of PayPal.

PayPal, if you are just now becoming cybernetic, is an online method whereby anybody with a credit card can pay anybody with an e-mail address.  Signing up takes a couple of minutes during the purchasing process, and is painless, and there is no charge to the payor. 

The "Add to Cart" Buttons below each product are for the PayPal shopping cart.
You may remove items from the cart at will; and you are not buying anything until you say so at the end of the process.