The Classic Road VHS the plain white wrapper

Recorded along the way in Michgan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Missouri
during the summer of 1997

Two hours of live, uncut, nonstop fiddling to original songs such as:
Riding High
Otsquago Creek
Buster, the Beer-drinking Pig of St. Croix

Plus many old-time favorites such as:
Missouri Waltz
Dark Hollow
Orange Blossom Special
Turkey in the Straw


The new CD

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The new DVD



The 2007 double CD, "Live at Latitude 18" is SOLD OUT.  However......

Now Available
Double DVD

"Live from The Back Yard in St John, USVI, 1987"
together with
"Live from Latitude 18, St Thomas, USVI, 2007"
20 Years of Fiddling in the Caribbean.




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For 2003...
The former Pink Tape
Re-released and Expanded


See where it says, "LIVE ADULT BAR ROOM MUSIC?"



1.Two Joints (The Toyes) 2.Good Work (Bodeans) 3. Dance With You (John Prine) 4, Breakfast Blues (Trout Fishing) 5. First Rodeo (Vern Gosdin) 6. Bright Side (Van Morrison) 7. Dark Hollow (Traditional) 8.Kissing You Goodbye (Dave Butler) 9. Clergy Blues (Dave Butler) 10. Too Blue (Lucinda Williams)11. Night Like This (Bob Dylan) 12. Corn Don't Grow (Travis Tritt) 13. Girlish Days (Memphis Minnie) 14. Tom's Cafe (Dick Solberg) 15. White Rhino ( lyrics by Dick Solberg, music from the Stones)


 Once again, that's....Popcorn, Big Mamou, Pig Ankle Rag, Buster the Beer Drinking Pig of St. Croix, Waltzing's For Dreamers, God's Bluegrass Band, When Will We Be Married Molly, Mogadishu Gunman, Party On The Farm, Ashes of Love, Deer Hunter Blues, Otsquago Creek, First Day of School, Liberty, Handyman, Wheelchair Waltz and Riding High



This one contains.....Riding High, Turkey In The Straw, Boxcar Blues, Early Splendor, Ragtime Annie, Blue Light Special, Just The Way We Like It, Driving A Cab, A Bar Is A Bar, Wing Ding, Paying My Bills, Jump At Your Chance, Big Talker, Chinaman's Platform, Orange Blossom Special, and Ups and Downs.

Dick Solberg  Sun Mountain Fiddler   GREATEST HITS


The Bar Tape---No Holds Barred



The Asshole Song
Rocky Top
Dim Lights
Fast Train To Georgia
Love Is A Rose
Jolie Blon
Angel Flying Too Close
Just The Way We Like It
Battle Of New Orleans


The Biker Song
Fire On The Mountain
Tennessee Waltz
Sally Ann
Honky Tonk Woman
Harder They Come
Orange Blossom Special





How's your turkey call? This is a classic---it contains Turkey in the Straw (traditional), Jump At Your Chance (Dick Solberg), Popcorn (Dick Solberg), Broken Hearts and Empty Bottles (Dick Soberg), Escarola (Howard Mitcham, lyrics; Dick Solberg, music), Drinking and Driving (Dick Solberg, lyrics; music adapted from "Rigoletto"), JR's Cow (Dick Solberg, lyrics; music traditional), The Sweetest Gift (J.B. Coats, Stamps---Baxter Music/BMI)

Riding  HighRiding Back

The original recording of Riding High (Dick Solberg)--- plus Ragtime Annie (traditional), Go Down Moses (Howard Mitcham and Dick Solberg), Marvelous Neil Marvel (Dick Solberg), Orange Blossom Special (Erwin T. Rouse), Wing Ding (Dick Solberg), Cajun R&R (Dick Solberg), Early Splendor (Dick Solberg), Chinaman's Platform (Dick Solberg), and Ups and Downs (Dick Solberg).



  First man to play thefiddle in orbit!
Ain't Like It Used To Be, Marathon, Big Talker, Boxcar Blues, A Bar Is A Bar, Trump Tower, Payin' My Bills, Blue Light Special, Driving A Cab, Society's Rules