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Dick Solberg

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Born in New York City, Dick Solberg was trained classically on the piano and the violin, but when he encountered "fiddling" in styles like old-timey, bluegrass, Celtic, and Cajun, he was hooked. His professional career started in 1976, when he fiddled on the streets in places like Ann Arbor, Michigan; Provincetown, Cape Cod; and Coconut Grove, Florida; it has continued across America, in the Caribbean (34 winter seasons in St. Thomas) and at the Edinburgh Festival in Scotland; on the Great Wall of China; and the American University in Cairo.

Solberg, whose Norwegian name means "sun mountain," has been entertaining for almost forty years, playing every imaginable venue from college fraternities to public radio and television concerts, from waterfront bars to elementary schools, from burials at sea to a birthday party for six ladies over 100 years old. He sings and plays fiddle, guitar, piano, and bass, and as a band leader has employed many musicians, working usually with a guitarist and a bassist but often adding banjo, mandolin, drums/percussion, or electric guitar. He also performs solo occasionally, offering a program illustrating different kinds of fiddling.

The Fiddler has recorded quite a bit over the years, four LPs in the early years, a bunch of CDs and a few DVDs...some are available through this website.  His touring schedule, eagerly awaited by many fans, is also posted on the website, along with a newsletter called The Fiddler's Dram, a few songs in MP3 format, a guest book, and an electronic, downloadable press kit. He lives in an old wooden Grange Hall in central New York State, and a few years ago wrote the book and the music for a musical about Norwegian immigrants on the Erie Canal in 1826, the year the canal opened. The musical was performed by the Fort Plain/Canajoharie Drama Club four nights in two high school auditoriums in 2007.

Following that, there was a double DC recorded at the legendary Kansas City bar Knuckleheads, and another double CD recorded at Latitude 18 in St. Thomas---both of which are sold out.  The latest CD, from 2013, is available.  It's called "Can't Keep A Good Dick Down," and it features the "Hospital Blues," which is about the Fiddler's experience after his boating mishap in 2012 in Fall River, MA.

Also available are some videos: a double DVD entitled "Live in the Virgin Islands," which features SMB performances from St. John in 1987 (including the sail on the 1829 110-foot schooner "Grace") and St. Thomas in 2007, 20 years later; a VHS recording of the Fiddler's annual Midwest Tour; and the latest video, from 2013, "Live at Latitude 18. 

For you audiophiles, we have two LP's---virgin vinyl---"Riding High" and "Ain't Like It Used To Be."

All are for sale for $15 including postage---cheap!

"Ain't it great to be alive!"


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